2 tips for stopping direct debits on a cancelled contract

If despite your termination of the contract that provides you with an internet connection, your provider is still charging you, you should opt for appropriate solutions to stop this charge. Find out how to do this here in the rest of this article.

Contact the bank

Once the termination of your internet access contract is final, it is your right to report the problem to your bank as soon as possible and get a fair explanation of this insignificant direct debit, due to its position as direct debit manager. When you decide to write to your bank, you should make sure that your message is read and taken into account by the bank. Otherwise, the best thing to do would be to go to your bank's counter and complain about your case by giving them the sepa creditor identifier and the unique mandate reference. Only with this information will the bank be able to take the necessary steps to help you stop the direct debits that should not be taking place. By the way, from your home or office, you can take action just by using your bank's website to stop the direct debits.

Contacting your supplier

You have certainly ordered the direct debit manager to cut off the payment process related to this type of contract, but this is not enough. In reality, according to the texts, the manager you first turned to only deals with the translation of your funds. So to get the situation completely over with, it would be better to try to contact your provider and explain your case. Once you have done this, it is a good idea to start the procedure to get your money back. This is valid in the case where the debits still continue after the contract has been interrupted or where, after multiple attempts to stop the abusive debits, they still continue.